Specialty Welding: At JAG Welding, Fab & Services, Inc. (JAG WFS), our NAVSEA Certified specialty welders provide specialty alloy welding and fabrication for shipyard customers specializing in Navy projects and other government shipbuilding and marine repair contracts as well as large commercial shipbuilding and marine repair. Based in Seattle, Washington, JAG WFS crews of highly skilled and experienced welders are rapidly mobilized to shipyards nationwide.

Core Competencies

  • Specialty Welding, NAVSEA Certified
  • Metal Fabrication and Specialty Shipyard Services
  • Mechanical and Electrical Support Services for Shipyards
  • PCP Development (including NAVSEA 0009-09 & JFMM requirements)
  • Project Management Support for Navy Projects and Large Commercial Shipbuilding & Marine Repair


JAG Welding, Fab & Services, Inc. is the Next Generation of the JAG Marine Group family of marine and industrial services companies. We are advancing JAG’s mission and legacy of excellence in shipbuilding and marine service by providing NAVSEA certified specialty welding, fabrication, and other key shipyard services directly to our shipyard customers. As a direct services provider, JAG WFS has a greater capacity to monitor and control productivity and output of our crews.