Bauer Global Manufacturing, Inc. utilizes a variety of manual and CNC milling and turning centers which allows us to approach our clients’ projects in efficient ways. Through software integration, our milling centers can handle large and small parts on multiple axis and our turning centers feature live tooling and feeders for automated part production. Capable of machining in a variety of materials, Bauer Global Manufacturing, Inc. can work on low and high quantity runs while maintaining precise tolerances.

Core Competencies

  • CAD/CAM design and integration
  • CNC vertical machining centers
  • Multi-axis CNC turning with live tooling
  • Manual drilling, milling, and turning
  • Surface Grinding
  • Large quantity production capabilities
  • Short run R&D prototypes
  • Climate-controlled production facility


10,000 sq ft climate-controlled facility houses 8 CNC milling and turning centers and dozens of manual machining stations. Our highly skilled team utilizes over 100 years of experience to meet your needs. Located in central Pennsylvania, Bauer Global Manufacturing, Inc. is within 75 miles of several military bases, less than 20 miles to NSA Mechanicsburg and DLA Susquehanna, and within a 4-hour drive to major ports such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City.